Welcome to the website for The Almost Forgotten podcast. The podcast focuses on the lives and times of great historical figures that have mostly fallen through the cracks of our collective memories. We may have heard of these people, but they don't get the attention of some others. Here, they get their due.

My name is Charlie, and I hope you enjoy the podcast. I was inspired to do this after listening to some truly wonderful history podcasts. Mike Duncan's The History of Rome, and Revolutions; Robin Pierson's The History of Byzantium, and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History all deserve credit for getting me here, and if you haven't listened to any of them, start clicking those links!

The music used in the podcast is called Sometimes it Shines by Pictures of a Floating World, which I got from the Free Music Archive.

Questions or comments? E-mail me at almostforgottenpodcast@gmail.com